Welcome to my Eagle Scout Service Project Site!

About Me

My name is Devin and I’m 15 years old. Ever since I could remember I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut and pilot when I grew up. I have had the opportunity to meet many famous astronauts which has fueled my passion for space science and aviation. I was so honored to be able to meet in person, one of my hero’s, Neil Armstrong.

Scouting has been a wonderful experience for me as it has helped me to understand the value of making goals, creating a plan and finally achieving those planned goals. One goal I had was earning the rank of Eagle Scout, which I did this year. My next goal is to complete high school with an Honors of Distinction Diploma then apply to Embry Riddle to pursue a degree in Astronautical Engineering. 

Despite having some medical challenges the past few years I was still able to achieve the goals I had planned. I believe these experiences have made me a stronger person today. I am more determined than ever to continue to reach to the sky for the unlimited possibilities that are there before me.

Check out my Astronaut Book of heroes I have collected over the years.

To contact me with any questions or comments please call 407-461-4832 or 407-461-4847.

My Troop

I am a part of a awesome Boy Scout Troop in Apopka, Florida. Troop 211 is a part of the Central Florida Council and Apopka Shores District.  I started as a cub scout going from a Tiger cub through to Webelos II and earning the arrow of light award. After visiting other troops I found Troop 211 met my needs and goals of wanting to obtain Eagle Scout. Our troop is very active doing many things such as monthly campouts, Summer and Winter camps (instate and out of state), canoeing and adventure trips and so much more. Many of my very best friends are scouts including my younger brother.


I very much want to be an Astronautical Engineer designing and building vehicles for the next generation of space travel. Flying is also one of my passions with the hope of earning a pilot’s license in the near future.


Check out my Photo Gallery for a complete history of images of my project from start to finish.  Also see the More Information page with details about the project and the final presentation.